6 Tips To Buy A Good Model Ship In Australia

Collecting and keeping model ships is an expensive hobby which requires knowledge and preference of quality over everything else. Such ships are intricate objects and generally look great from afar. A layman usually ends up buying replicas instead of a worthy object in the name of a model ship due to the lack of information and guidelines required to distinguish valuable objects from low-quality replicas.  

There are many manufacturers in Australia which have been selling inaccurate replicas of model ships to entice the general buyer. But a minute inspection of quality, customer service, price and choice of selection by the manufacturer is needed to ensure the accuracy of your decision. 

Wilhems & Green has been selling top quality handcrafted model ships to Aussies since long with a vision to always prefer quality over quantity. It is a good option to buy authentic teak wood ships with utmost precision and details. Furthermore, there is a list of guidelines given below which will help you in choosing, selecting and buying model ships in Australia.

Assess Quality 

Like mentioned earlier, quality is the most crucial feature in buying the model ships. Mostly, manufacturers send high-quality photos to ensure the quality of the product. Bear in mind that few high definition photos do not determine the quality of an object. You would be requiring photos from each and every angle as well as of as many models of your interest as available with the vendor. Be very careful while evaluating photos with different angles of the model ships Sydney. 


The authenticity of the model ship in Australia is another important aspect to take care of. Australians like to collect model ships as a hobby due to its historical significance. If your manufacturer is providing you with a model that has incorrect historical representation then there’s no point of investing your money into it. The manufacturer should be able to vouch for the accuracy of the model.  


The material which is being used to build the handcrafted model ship has to be of high quality. Wilhems & Green use teak wood to build the body of the model while the hull is created by using aged copper plating to give it a feel of the real ship. While its vassals rest on the marble base with ornately carved metal supports indicating towards its high quality. 


Your chosen manufacturer should be able to guide you about the construction process of your desired model ship in Australia. It generally takes 3 to 6 weeks to build an intricate and quality oriented ship. 3D models are used while sails and riggings are usually hand tied. Similarly, each ship is hand painted in order to turn it into an exact replica of the original ship.  

Detail Oriented 

The beauty of any Australian model ship lies in the minute details and attention given to it during the construction process. The more you focus on the detail feature of the model ship, the more it will look lively and accurate. For instance, planked decks, tied down cannons, cannon balls and racks, oars in the lifeboats, blocks, buckets, and barrels, to name a few.  


Your chosen model ships Sydney should be durable and stand the test of time. The manufacturer should let you inspect the model throughout the construction process. You should be allowed to do so before placing an order or at least be satisfied with the quality assurance measures of the manufacturer. 

Money Back Guarantee  

Model ships are delicate objects and should be taken care of during the transit in order to keep it from getting damaged. Packaging plays a very pivotal role in ensuring timely and accurate delivery else manufacturer should assure you with the money back guarantee.  

Once you are satisfied with the offering of your manufacturers then you should also ask them questions regarding the selection options you would have to choose from, if customisation is possible, if different versions of the same model are available or if there could be custom built display accessories fit in to the model ship Australia, etc. Wilhems & Green are very conscious towards the needs of its clients and leave no stone unturned to satisfy their needs with efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. 


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