A Guide To Choosing The Right Fencing For Pools

It is very common to have the poolside covered with glass fence in Australia for various reasons and to control the unnecessary trespassing. Aussies prefer to opt for the glass-based fencing to serve the purpose at hand which does not only look exquisite but also keeps up with the expectations as well. There are many vendors in Australia providing with glass fence options but despite it’s very difficult to find the right quality of the glass to adorn your poolside.

The Glasspool Fencing Direct in Australia has been providing Aussies with top quality glass fences of all types along with the highly professional services of installation in order to not only make the customer satisfy but also to keep the overall look of the place aesthetically appealing. It is quite common in Australia when you get to hear about the glass fence shattering by the poolside due to the poor quality of materials being used therefore one must take minute considerations into account before installing one or taking any vendor aboard.

Considering the need at hand, below are given a few tips to help you choose the right glass fencing for your pool in Australia, such as:

Thickness Quality of Glass 

When a person decides to get the glass pool fencing then the first thing to be considered by him is the quality of thickness that the glass offers to withstand the wind load or high temperatures of Australia. Generally the thickness varies from 6mm to 12mm, however, you can also get the customised 18mm thickness. When you want to opt for frameless fence then it is ideal to choose 12mm to 18mm glass thickness while in case of semi frameless, 10mm could serve the purpose at hand. Anything below this is not recommended to withstand the tides of time.

Height X Width 

The second key factor that must be considered is the height and width of the glass fence Australia being installed across the pool. The general height could go around 1200mm while the width tends to vary based upon the usage of the frame or no frame. If the frame is being used then you can make it 1600mm to 1800mm wide while in case of having a frameless fence, you can go with 1800mm to 2000mm wide fence to be on a safe side.

Local Standards 

You must be aware of the local state standards and rules when it comes to putting a glass fence around pools in Australia. As these tend to differ from state to state, therefore, do your due homework here. It is imperative that you use the high-grade quality material to do the task at hand in order to increase the life and longevity of your installation.

High-Quality Structure 

It is of paramount importance that the structure is used to make the glass standstill is of high quality else it would mar the longevity of the glass fence. One must know that structure carries equal importance in pulling off the task at hand as the quality of glass does. Most of the vendors generally use castings as an option to the quality of spigots due to its cost-effectiveness but it is recommended to high precision based CNC machine honed premium fittings which would give your project the needed consistency and precision that it needs while keeping the elegance intact. The last call is yours as it is you who would be opting for the pool fencing Wollongong in Australia therefore, you must have a say in choosing the materials as well.

Custom Glass  

In a few cases when the glass has to interact with different kinds of surfaces such as decking, garden bed or stairs, you would be requiring a custom glass to fulfil your requirements. Usually, the standard glass cost lesser than the custom built one. You must consult with the professionals if you would be needing the custom glass or the standard one.

The Glasspool Fencing Direct has been doing the job at hand by focusing on the utmost customer satisfaction. They do not only focus on your requirement from the pool glass fence Australia but also consider the budget constraints and other limitations in order to come up with the custom solution to fulfil your needs in a better way.

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