Install Plantation Shutters To Add Style And Beauty To Your Home

Plantation shutters are taking over Australia by storm. It is now one of the most sought-after decors, which ensure beauty and energy-efficient rooms. Everyone has a dream house and shutters add charm and elegance in making a house more than rooms and furniture.

Why should you install plantation shutters?

The best part of installing plantation shutters is that they give you the flexibility to design your house. You can easily think of a unique theme without much constrain on your pocket. Their easy-to-clean feature ensures minimum time and money spent on shutter maintenance unlike draperies, which have a high cost associated with several hassles. It would be either a complete dark room or a complete bright room, but with shutters you can always optimize the illumination level inside the house. The house looks timeless, whether shutters are externally placed or internally. The durability factor adds to the cherry on the cake, shutters would not scale or crack even after repeated exposure to heat and moisture. In a nutshell, shutters are irreplaceable in today’s busy life with its light modern look and easy way to offer the perfect make over for your dream house.

Cost of plantation shutters

The shutter cost depends on its dimensions and the area it covers. Also factors such as paint, material, texture everything influence the average quote for a shutter. To know plantation shutters Melbourne cost you can ask quote to any popular shutter manufacture website online, and the same holds true for any other city in Australia.

Plantation shutter types

These shutters come in different types. Some of the most common types are discussed below:

  • If you are thinking, how to highlight the mundane corner of the house, then the inevitable choice would be window corner shutter, it will transform the house corner like magic.
  • PVC shutters are best for wet areas which are exposed to higher amount of moisture; such as bathroom, toilets and kitchen.
  • Timber shutters are a bit expensive option, but plays an amazing décor in highlighting any part of the room, as they are easily available in various shades, paints and texture.
  • If you are looking for strong outdoor shutters, then aluminum shutters are the best option.
  • You can add new dimension to your long hallway or a large room with sliding door shutter that would act as a wonderful room divider.
  • Similar to sliding door shutters are bi-fold shutters, which can be easily folded in parts and acts as a stylish divider for a modern home.
  • The popular choice for conference halls or meeting rooms or just a large drawing is incomplete without angled shutters. These shutters go well with any window shape, whether it is round, square, rectangular or triangular.
  • When planning for insulation and better privacy, outdoor shutters are really an excellent choice. You can easily keep the strong sun, stormy wind or chilly cold from entering your house with the roller shutters.

The rise of plantation shutters

The plantation style was introduced in the Australian market by 1980s, but it was quite an expensive concept to capture the market. Nevertheless after 1990s, with the introduction of PVC shutters, it started capturing the market and was an affordable option to offer protection from strong sunlight, giving the interiors a dreamy and cozy ambiance.

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