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Businesses demand a great deal in terms of approaching the audience, setting it up, and then to protect your sensitive information. This era endorses online businesses thus security of your data must not be compromised. For help in this regard, a company must seek help from the experienced and steadfast sources. TIMG is currently providing services to New Zealand and Australia. It is only about meaningful commitment with our customers that we can help them to resolve their data and information management barriers. What our customers adore about TIMG, is our obligation to the highest benchmarks of service. As we recognise each business is diverse, we take an individual approach – customising our solutions to pair your needs. Manage, integrate, store, and retrieve your significant information compliantly, securely, and redeleting is a corporation that acknowledges its legacy while embracing an idea of robust progress and innovation. Later 2006, we have been sponsored by the legacy and strength of Freightways, a top New Zealand facility provider with start dating formerly to 1964. Currently, we are recognised as an established Information Management setback solver who continue to expand by providing smart, innovative, and lucrative Information Management keys. Owing to targeted business achievements, we’ve grown to become a trusted associate to several companies. Knowing the product and the customer is out a priority. 


TIMG manages subtle records for equally corporate clients and the Government, who by avoidance, requires the highest stage of information protection and development audibility and clarity of both digital and physical information. Our mission and vision include supporting the information sector to excel. In this article, we will look at the TIMG solution in ediscovery in Brisbane and online Backup. 


TIMG provides its services to enterprise data storage, and cloud backup solutions for all the businesses; protected and managed in Australia. It offers disaster and backup solutions to befit with all your business needs. Data is easily accessible and properly protracted.  TIMG arrange for a full reach of custom-built backup and disaster upturn consultancy skills and are completely vendor agnostic. Our answers include entirety from basic file-level backups, and cloud backup in Australia for some program including Office365 to fail-over disaster retrieve results to complete virtual boot. Our cloud backup advisors are experts who will aid you recover your backup schemes. 

Cloud Backup 

Industry top service level contracts are offered across all areas and Enterprise Cloud Backup ideas. 

Disaster Recovery 

We are an entirely certified and attributed worker of Enterprise cloud Disaster Retrieval solutions. 

Object Storage 

Our best priced S3 online storage ideas are the best fit for your DR storage necessities. 


Share and search large data capacities accurately quickly, and gainfully. The LitReview Engine drove by Nuix, converts data into surfable metadata and text at enormous speed and scale. It offers insights into the extensiveness and complexity of statistics that no further technology can compete. 

TIMG’s eDiscovery endwise, achieved solution comprises: 

Information gathering and handling 

Even with nowadays industry move to digital, there lingers a considerable volume of hard copy pamphlets used as proof. TIMG provides help that digitises equally in hard copy papers and electronically stored data stored on computers or any other digital storage instrument. 


Hosting and Technology charges must be balanced to the legal prices sustained on a matter, output gained, and general cost funds when associated with traditional innovation practices. Our squad helps you explore the best fit for your exclusive requirements. 

Information appraisal 

Document analysis is one of the maximum expensive facets of the ediscovery procedure. There is a little stage of assessment and either done at house or by any third-party worker, the review is measured to be the top important step earlier commencement of manufacture.  


TIMG consultants are accessible on an ‘as-needed’ base or united within your trial team. Our industry-leading skill assists with every aspect from selling and enlisting of exchange procedures, matter organisation, and technology, to scheme and advice following reviewing papers. TIMG advisors design, device and manage ideas that are geared in the direction of achieving the finest results for our customers. We can fix your data for multiple methods of production. Be it for lawsuit exports, sighting or disclosure, hyperlinked catalogues, data alteration, or internal inquiries – TIMG has you covered. 

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