How To Start Running And Not Stop Within A Week

Whenever people talk about getting fit they inevitably think about running. It’s the default activity for people who decide that they have to lose weight and get active. They choose running because it is not a team activity, because everybody can do it and because you can do it anywhere without any special equipment aside from a standard paid of trainers and some shorts. But most people who take up running for the apparent convenience of it stop very soon because it is not nearly as easy as they think to sustain a running programme. But there are ways to make it more exciting and enjoyable. We compiled a little list to help you keep the interest going.   


Use the technology 

The tendency with first time runners is to run as fast as they can for as long as they can and then to stop. It burns in the lungs, it hurts the legs and it doesn’t make you want to go back the next day because your memories are all about the pain. Be smart and use technology like a heart rate monitor or get yourself a Jumpa, so you can track your performance and get paid to workout. The key is to set goals and know the zones you should be training in – in terms of heart rate and distance etc. Information is power and this new era of technology enables you to find your own sweet spot and to build on it. It’s almost like running with a friend who is constantly feeding you information.   


Vary the terrain 

Pounding the streets day in and day out can get boring quite quickly. Without a doubt it is very convenient, after all, unless you live in a beach cottage or something, there is almost inevitably a road at your front door. So pulling on some trainers and heading for the door is very easy. But if you make the effort then the reward will be great and you will find that you stay engaged in your new pastime for longer. So explore trail running. Run on the beach. If you are going to hit the road pick a few different routes so you can mix familiarity with freshness. Even a session at the gym of the treadmill can work in terms of bringing a degree of diversity to your routine.   


Run in a group 

Running by yourself can get a bit monotonous and it can also leave you without a collective motivation to get up off the coach and start moving. If you are committed to running in a group or with friends then, typically, you will not want to let anyone down. Knowing that your mates will all be kitted up and waiting for you at eth appointed meeting spot is a great motivation to get started. But more importantly it means that there will be people to talk to for the duration of the run. It’s a great way to unwind, share stories and experiences – because you will all be feeling the same thing: a shortness of breath on the hills, tired legs at the end, cold at the start. Running really is a great thing to do with others.   




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