Is Cloud Hosting the Right Solution for Your Company?

Nowadays, everyone is talking about cloud technology and hosting plans. Just because it may be the best solution for many companies, it doesn’t necessarily mean this type of hosting is the best solution for your company as well. Many companies are too quick to choose a hosting plan either because it’s hip, or because it’s cheap. Cost and marketing should not be the sole criteria for choosing a hosting plan. If your business is considering getting a cloud plan, here are several things to consider before deciding if it’s the right solution:

Do You Know What Cloud Web Hosting is?

First of all, it’s important to understand what “cloud hosting” means. The cloud, here, refers to the Internet. Like with many other cloud technologies like storage, server hosting is done and managed via a vast web-connected network. With typical hosting plans, your website is assigned a single server which will handle all traffic requests. With cloud plans, your website will have access to hundreds of servers located around the world.

Of course, this access is not physical. The servers are created and connected by the internet. The advantage here is that if your website received a sudden spike in traffic, all these servers can step in and help alleviate the extra burden. So there’s little to no risk of your website ever going offline.

It’s important to take some time to understand what cloud plans are exactly. Then you will be able to decide whether it’s the right solution for your business.

Analyse the Traffic Demand for Your Website

Cloud plans are best suited for websites that receive really high volumes of traffic, or receives traffic is sudden bursts or spikes. If you are running just a small start-up website with less than 1,000 clicks per month, then you are better off cost wise with a shared hosting plan for now. But if you occasionally experience spikes in traffic, a cloud plan is the best type of plan to handle uneven volumes of traffic.

Consider Future Plans

Even if the traffic volumes are too low for your website right now, what are your plans for the future? Do you plan on rapid scaling? Is the company already showing a vigorous growth rate? In case you anticipate higher volumes of traffic in the coming months, then you may want to buy a cloud plan right away. Considering that you will eventually have to move out of shared hosting, it’s best to invest in cloud plans early on if your plans involve super-fast growth.

Virtual Working Conditions

Companies with workers that constantly travel, or are working virtually from elsewhere, benefit the most from cloud plans. The software associated with cloud plans exists on the internet. So, just like with cloud storage, you and your employees will have access from anything or anywhere. If working while travelling is a big priority for your business, investing in a cloud plan will be very worthwhile.

Cloud plans can be quite expensive, so it’s not the sort of thing you want to spend money on needlessly. Think carefully about the points presented above before switching to a cloud plan. The structure and nature of your company will be important when deciding to switch. Keep in mind that cloud is the future of hosting. So if you plan on adding a lot more users soon, then it’s probably best to make the switch without waiting.

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