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Just the thought of stepping into a dirty, wet and dark bathroom can make us shudder and cringe. While it is extremely important to keep our whole house clean and prim, this need is even more important when it comes to the bathrooms. No one wants to use a bathroom that has leaky faucets, dirt and grime and smells bad. The surfaces in the bathroom can be extremely susceptible to developing mould due to the dampness and moisture in the area, and they can also be the perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of bacteria. With our bathrooms being the perfect incubation areas for all sorts of diseases, it is obviously in our best interest to build our bathrooms so that they are fresh and airy, and as clean and dry as possible. This includes not just a good design, but also the use of quality products that can withstand time and environmental pressures, such as steam and constant exposure to water. In addition to this, the use of quality products coupled with a good design can mean that we don’t have to be overcome by anxiety every time a guest asks to use our bathroom, as we know it’ll be clean and perfect. 

The impression a bad bathroom makes 

Although the trend is changing, it wasn’t long ago that many of us didn’t really consider our bathroom when building our home or even when undergoing renovations. We see the bathroom as merely a room of utility – something that we will use only when the need arises and so we don’t really put much effort into making it look nice. However, if our bathroom is dirty and grimy, it doesn’t even matter how well done the rest of our home is as the bathroom can very easily make the strongest and most long lasting impression. We can spend countless dollars doing up the rest of our home but that can all be shattered the minute someone chooses to step into our bathroom and sees the same old design that has been around ever since everyone’s grandmothers were young.  

Benefits of a well designed bathroom  

In fact, the importance of good bathroom renovations based in Surrey Hills is such that when buyers are assessing the value of a house, the first thing they check is the bathroom. An airy, elegant and fresh design can send the resale value of your home skyrocketing. In fact, if the bathroom does not appeal to the buyer then they are much more likely to even end up rejecting the entire house. In addition to this, there is just so much that we can do with our bathroom these days. Bathrooms can be expanded to include walk in closets and vanities that can turn the entire bathroom into a sort of studio. Elegant designs coupled with chic layouts can mean that the bathroom can easily turn from a room that used to be entirely functional into a room that we actually enjoy being in as it can be aesthetically pleasing to all our senses. 

Importance of an ergonomically designed kitchen  

Just as bathroom renovations are important, kitchen renovations in Hawthorn too can either make or break a house. The kitchen can actually be pretty similar to the bathroom in the sense that it too is a place that has to bear a lot of pressure and water use. This makes it equally susceptible to harbouring many different forms of bacteria, which can be a nightmare considering that the kitchen is where we cook and eat. A kitchen renovation can make our kitchen trendy and chic, while also keeping it much more hygienic. Installing high quality products and building a functional yet elegant design with many open spaces, fresh colours and ergonomic design can really make our kitchen stand out, both for us and for any potential buyers.  

By now it is pretty obvious that if we really want our home to stand out and shine we need to put in effort where it really counts. The bathroom and the kitchen can either make or break our home, and with Simply Bathroom Solutions, we can make our home elegant and sophisticated all around. They can help us come up with creative and elegant designs that can take our home to the next level.  

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