Stay Fit And Age Gracefully

Getting old gracefully is not an easy thing to do. We all have lofty goals when we are young about keeping going until we are octogenarians, or beyond. But the truth is that the body starts to take strain and what was once easy to accomplish physically suddenly gets harder to do – especially if you end up taking a break from your regular activity. So what do you have to do to stay in shape? Here are some habits and routines to follow in order to stay fit and strong deep into old-age. 

Heal yourself 

It is inevitable that if you exercise you will pick up injuries. Not necessarily bad ones, but if you push yourself they will happen. And that is okay. Injuries are an inevitable occurrence the critical thing is how you deal with them. You cannot just sit back and hope that they go away. Or worse yet, push through the pain and just keep on going. If and when you injure yourself you need to speak to an expert. Go to The Sports Injury Clinic or consult a physiotherapist, but make sure that you have the problem looked at by a professional as soon as possible. 

Recognize that you are unique 

Everyone is different and what works for your friend might not work for you at all. Even though you both share a common goal of staying fit and healthy the route to that destination will differ. You need to come up with a programme that will play to your strengths and most importantly, which you will enjoy. Think about personal training Mornington or Darwin or Perth all have experts who will be willing to help you and craft a programme for you. And they will hold you accountable as well which is an important part of the exercise process. 

Keep it social      

Exercising in isolation works for some people but it can be really tough as well. The toughest part of exercising is getting up off the couch in the first place. Once you are at the gym or pounding the pavement or hitting balls on the golf course, whatever your exercise of choice may be, you are golden, but it is finding the willpower to get started that is the hardest part. If you are doing it with mates though it is easier, there is a collective responsibility and there is the associated reward of hanging out with friends and enjoying something together. 

Try new things 

Try to keep your routine fresh and try new things. You might have something that works for you – let’s say that it is running that you enjoy – which is great, but you can run different routes and you can run differently as well. Short, quick runs, fartleks, trail, hills etc. Mix it up as much as possible as it will definitely keep things fresh. And if you are the more adventurous type try completely new things. Learn golf or tennis. Or set yourself a swimming goal. Whatever it is, learning new skills doesn’t only improve your fitness, it also helps with mental dexterity.    


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