Teaching Your Kid Ride A Scooter 

What do kids want in a scooter? 

When you’re thinking about getting a scooter for your kid, you might be analysing things from an adult’s perspective. However, since you’re getting the scooter for your kid and it’s not you who is going to ride it, it is important that you bear in mind the things that your kid would prefer in a scooter. Surprising or not, these things will be lot different from what you have in mind when you look for a scooter.  

Firstly, you need to get something small. The size of the scooter should be according to the height of your child as the child won’t be much comfortable riding the scooter that is too big. Also, something adults overlook when getting a scooter for kids is, colour. Your kid cares a great deal about the colour of the scooter so make sure you know your child’s favourite colour and get the madd gear whip pro scooter in that exact colour. The scooter should also be light so your child can carry it around when needed. If you want this scooter to be your child’s partner for a long time, make sure its light weight and of the right size. Lastly, it would be an added bonus for your kid if he/she is able to perform any cool tricks on the scooter.    

Important factors to consider when buying 

While aforementioned aspects perfectly define the type of scooter your kid will want, there are factors that you, being an adult, need to keep in mind. These include, frame strength and rigidity, wheel’s resistance and the price group. Firstly, you need check the frame’s strength. You can ask the seller about the material that has been used and, you can have an idea from the feel of the scooter. In order to be sure you’re spending your money that will last a good amount of time, make sure you get a scooter that is strong enough. Also, rigidity is quite important as this makes the steering of the scooter more easy and will increase the comfort level of riding the scooter for your kid. Secondly, you need to check the wheel resistance of the scooter. Since this is what drives the scooter, it is essential that it isn’t too stiff that your kid gets tired too quickly nor is it too free that it gets difficult to control it. You should also consider the size of the wheel as small wheels are more likely to get stuck in cracks and are also less stable than the bigger wheels. Lastly, check the price range of the scooter. If you have found the aforementioned characteristics in the scooter, but it is too expensive for a scooter, do not buy it. There is a great variety in scooters and you can get the desired qualities in some other scooter that fits your budget.  

How to teach your kid how to ride a scooter 

Teaching your kid how to ride a scooter can be both, a frustrating experience or a pleasant lifetime experience; depends on what steps you follow. If you take a systematic approach and follow the below steps before, it will certainly be a memorable experience for you. 


First of all, teach your kid about the basics of riding a scooter. Your kid might not be following your instructions at this point, but he/she will catch the basic idea. 


After that, demonstrate riding the scooter to your child. Kids are great at copying what you do so show your child how to ride the scooter before letting the kid ride it. 

Start from the indoor 

In this stage of learning, your kid is going to fall a number of times before learning how to ride so make sure you let the kid ride the scooter indoor or in garden where falling will not result in any injury. 

Teach the balance 

Let your kid practice riding the scooter and learn about balance. Teach them about standing on the deck while holding the handles. This part is all about practice. 

Time to go outdoors

Once your kid has sufficiently learnt about the basics of balancing, it’s time to go out and try riding on the streets. Make sure you stay by your kid’s side in the initial few attempts, but once you’re sure that there won’t be any ‘falling’ now, let your kid ride on his own. 

Safety tips 

Here are a few safety tips that will be helpful to you in the entire process of teaching your kid riding a scooter.  

  • Make sure the kid understands the importance of safety. 
  • Start riding the bike indoor or at some place where falling won’t result in an injury. 
  • Teach the basics of traffic rules that your kid needs to learn before riding on streets. 
  • Make your child wear bright colours in the early days of riding the bike on street. 
  • Teach your child to make it a habit of checking the brakes before riding.  
  • Make your child habitual of wearing shoes instead of sandals when riding scooter.  

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