What Makes A Psychologist A Great Mental Health Professional?


Whether you’re training as a psychologist or you’re somebody who is looking to start having depression treatment Gold Coast, there are several qualities that make somebody a great health professional. Although you can be good without all of these, it certainly helps if you have as many of these as possible. If you’re looking for a psychologist, you should look out for these traits, or if you’re training as one, you should seek to develop as many of the following qualities as possible.


Without compassion, you won’t be able to engage and sympathise with the people who come into the office. If you lack this quality, people will feel like they cannot speak to you or that you don’t care about their mental well being. Not only will you find that you become unsuccessful as a health professional, but you will get very little job satisfaction too.

Emotional stability

In order to be counselling other people, psychologists needs to be emotionally stable themselves. This doesn’t mean that to be the best psychologist in Gold Coast you need to be perfect and never have any emotions or issues of your own. However, it means that regardless of who or what comes through the door, you are able to handle the issues in a mature, stable and compassionate way without letting your own emotions, opinions and views get in the way.


A psychologist will deal with many different people with many different issues over the course of their career, and without being open minded, they won’t be able to truly help people to the best of their ability. Thinking that certain issues can’t possibly be genuine, or that a person is only feeling certain way because of something they have done is never a good way to act or behave. Each morning, a good psychologist should be ready to face any problems that come through the door with an open mind and a non-judgemental attitude.

Good person skills

A psychologist is required to deal with the general public on a regular basis, so failing to have people skills can put them at a great disadvantage. A great psychologist is able to speak to people on the right level and make regular conversation as well as being able to talk and ask the right questions regarding mental health. As well as talking to patients in the right way, psychologists should also be able to talk to their colleagues and peers in a professional and friendly manner.


A psychologist may have a patient who isn’t prepared to talk about certain issues yet. However, in some circumstances, it’s very difficult to find a way forward and help somebody with their issues if they can’t talk about specific events and how they are feeling. Having patience is a key quality of any good psychologist, since people will be able to feel more at ease talking to them but they can wait until the time is right to talk about certain issues and problems.


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