Different types of an eye doctor

Sometimes we are amazed to see the functioning of human body systems and their inter-connection with one another. It is an interesting fact that how a distorted tiny neuron can result in the non-functioning of the whole body part. The size of the body organ or part does not matter in case of working of the body systems rather each and every organ and component is equally important. Let us take an instance of our eyes. The importance of eyes can be realized from the fact that there is no such species on this planet which do not have their own eyes except for the hydras. One amazing fact about human eye is that every body part of the person grows with the age except for his eyes which remains the same as that in the childhood. It has been observed that a human eye can differentiate between as much as ten million colours. It is the second most complicated organ of human body after the brain. An eye doctor can perfectly understand and diagnose the conditions of an eye. In this article, we will be discussing about different types of an eye doctor in south yarra like optometrist, etc. 

Field of medicine: 

We know that the field of medicine is concerned with the health of the human body systems. Obviously, a single doctor cannot be an expert in all parts and organs of a body. Different doctors specialise in different parts of the body and they are given the professional name on the basis of their specialisation. Let us take an example of a doctor who has specialised in diagnosing and treating the heart and heart related diseases, such a doctor is known as a cardiologist. Similarly, there are neurologists, dermatologists, gynaecologists and so on. The medical professionals belonging to the medical field of eye are named as ophthalmologists, optician and optometrists. 

Eye doctor: 

As the name implies, an eye doctor is the medical professional who has attained his degree of bachelors in science and medicine. Moreover, he has specialised in the eye department of medicine as well. Eye surgeon and eye specialists are two other alternative terms that can be used for an eye doctor. On a general level, the doctor of an eye can be divided into three different categories on the basis of their training and their specialisations. There are ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians. We are going to discuss about each of these categories separately.  


An ophthalmologist is the doctor who has completed his MBBS degree and also has specialised in the department of eye. He is qualified enough to diagnose, treat, evaluate and operate every kind of eye condition. An ophthalmologist has no limitations in the field of eye and he can carry out his duty from diagnosing the eye condition to operating it; if needed. 


An optometrist can be defined as the medical practitioner who has completed his degree in the field of optometry. He is qualified to treat every kind of medical diseases and condition related to the eyes. Moreover, the examination of the defects in the visual system and any other such kind of abnormalities are diagnosed and treated by the optometrists. If a person has experienced any injury in his eye then he can get it treated by visiting an optometrist in Malvern


An optician is the professional who is qualified to check the eye sight of a person and prescribe the right kind of lenses or glasses. Even though an optician cannot be called as an eye doctor but still it comes under the category of an eye department. 


Eye is one of the most complex parts of human body and it is not easy to comprehend each and everything about it. An eye doctor is the medical professional who has specialised in examining and treating every kind of medical condition related with the human eye. The doctor of eye can be divided into three different types which are ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician. “New vision clinics” provides the services of specialist eye surgeons, ophthalmologists and optometrists. They are known for providing the best services in regards to the different medical conditions of an eye.  

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